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The „Szputnyik” T-shirt design

pólótervezési pályázat

Szputnyik Shop promotes an open tender, in which all interested desingners are welcome to express their creativity.

You don’t need to be a trained artist, since we’ve all seen countless masterpieces created by spare time graphics.


The designing of unique image tee graphics which represent Szputnyik Shop’s universe and its atmosphere. With this contest we would like to provide an oppotunity for talented and inspired participants to get introduced, and test their skills on the exciting field of T-shirt desingning. We’re looking forward to receiving works that meet the requirements of standardized production.

DEADLINE: May 20, 2014 12:00PM PROPER WAY OF


Plans should be sent in pdf or jpeg formats to the e-mail adress below: -name, phone number and e-mail adress should also be included!

We are not able to accept any woks handed in past the deadline.


The received designs will be selected and evaluated by Szputnyik’s team.

Each participant will be informed of our decision through e-mail directly. The best three pieces of work will be awarded, plus one work will be chosen by public voting.

Financial prizing:

1st place: 50.000 Ft
2nd place: 30.000 Ft
3rd place: 20.000 Ft
+1 Selected by voting: 15.000 Ft shopping credit in any of the Szputnyik Shops.
The winning desings will get manufactured, and will go on sale.

The concept
Szputnyik Shop’s aim is to provide a mixture of quality vintage garments and accessories along with limited numbered new models on an affordable price. For us the uniqueness of the clothes is more important than a brand name. However, high quality is is still essencial of course.

We encourage you to be creative and find your own style that expresses you the most. Fashion is about you; picking clothes and combining outfits is a matter of personal choice and taste.

Our vintage garments come from all over the world, and are chosen from thousands of other pieces with special care

We truly believe that combining old clothes of different eras with new elements of contemporary fashion offers the chanse of revealing a specific and individual style.
That is why we provide small series of contemporary garments along with our vintage supply for both men and women.This enables the free crossing of styles , and gives you the chanse to find the pieces and accesories that reflect your personality the most.

The name

We wereinspired by Haruki Murakami’s book Sputnik Sweetheart – a mystical story about the power of love – where the protagonist calls his love Sputnik, accompanying him on him travels.
We like to think of our clothes as dear travel companions, accompanying our customers on their mystical journeys.

For whom?

A typical „szputnyik-customer” may he/she be hungarian or foreigner is always open minded, interested, has a passion for unique and extreme pieces and is not afraid of showing his/her personality. Throughout the years our stores became the destination of stylists, costume designers, photographers and those on keen on unique looks.
Several hungarian theaters are regular customers and a lot of our clothes also appear in different motion-picture productions.


What we want: the designs to be „Szputnyik – like”! –Come and visit our shops, have a look around, feel free to ask and live through the atmosphere.

Irony and humor are allowed , but the works shouldn’t offend the public taste.

There are no restrictions concerning visual appearence.

What is compulsury: the Szputnyik logo (should’t be necessarily in the main design,it can be positionned at the scruff or any other parts of the tee.)
The T-shirts are provided by Szputnyik Shop. We only use fine quality 100% cotton tees that hold their color, size and fitting . There are no restrictions concerning the color of the tees. The T-shirts are printed with screening method or digitally.
There are no restrictions concerning size.
Please take note that the quality of the prints greatly depends on the quality of the graphics.