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🎃This is Halloween👻

👻A hoodie with an exciting pattern, some skulls or a vintage baseball cap and you can transform yourself for an evening. If you're bored with costumes, choose a more casual set and spice it up with some Halloween colors or hidden references.

Halloween pumpkins, skulls, ghosts. The well-known colors are orange, black and purple. Now we will tell you what they mean.

🎃Orange: the colour of autumn, harvest, fire, warmth. Harvest is the fruit of labour, it is associated with a sense of pride, fire fills us with energy, enthusiasm and warmth. The rising and setting sun turns the sky orange, marking the beginning and end of the day.
🦇Black: the colour of ancient darkness, of night, of mysterious depths, which has also become the primary colour of Halloween. As the opposite of life expressed in colour, it is a symbol of death, an expression of mourning, associated in most traditions with evil forces. 

💜Purple: has become a popular Halloween color in recent years, it has no particular historical explanation. As a favorite color of kings, it symbolizes power, but it is also associated with mysticism and magic.

But we also show you what we thought, we selected some sets from the store and webshop:

Halloween szett 1.

Halloween szett 2

Halloween szett 3.

Halloween szett 4.

Remember, fashion is for everyone! There is nothing that can dictate you to be who you want to be. Tell a story through your clothes, shine as only you can and be the protagonist of your own story!

Take a look at our store on Dohány Street, which we have dressed up in a special Halloween atmosphere for this period. And if you'd rather watch from home, click on our webshop!

Szputnyik Crew 🚀