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Trip 2 Wonderland

jackson rado

When vintage flow meets contemporary photo-aestetics their marriage gives birth to Szputnyik and Ív&Candie’s Wonderland’s perfect love child: a fresh, vivid and piquant composition which reveals clothing trends from the 90’s with its intense colours, daring ideas and unexpected locations by Mark Kiss ’s dominant, ever-exclusive styling.

trip to wonderland vintage metal
The works of photographer couple Ív&Candie can be easily noticed by their humor, series inspired by 90’s music videos and the contrast between their properly composed fashion photos and their reclessly compiled waspy trash compositions. Therefore collaborating with Szputnyik was an evident choice form both sides.

trip to wonderland
Szputnyik Shops winter editorial was inspired by variety, a longing for traditions but always seeking novelty. It sees life as a jurney through the eternal cycle of the universe, where every season is an opportunity , a new and exciting phase.

trip to budapest vintage

trip to wonderland

trip to wonderland

trip to wonderland szombat éva
Stay fresh with Szputnyik at winter time too, and find your individuality by combining old and new styles through our variety of quality vintage garments, accesories and limited numbered exclusive new designer clothes. Surprise your loved ones with vintage treasures this christmas, and remain eco-friendly.
trip to wonderland
Roam through the past from the 20’s to nowdays, and become a part of an exceptional journey!
Let us take you to Wonderland!
trip to wonderland jackson rado

trip to wonderland tűzoltó

trip to wonderland karácsony

Photo: Ív & Candie's Wonderland
Stylist: Kissmark
Make up: Kriszta Vadas
Hair: Orsolya Kiss - Zsidró
Models: Avantage models - Bogi, Niki; Art models – Veronika; VM models - Jackson Rado