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Glamour-days at Szputnyik shop! - 20% discount!

Fall is here, it's time to get new clothes so it's time for the Fall Galmour- days shopping event! 
Between 12. and 15. October (thursday, friday, saturday and sunday), come and shop for 20% less at Szputnyik stores and online on our webshop, with a Glamour coupon. 
The coupon can be found attached to the 13th Birthday issue of Glamour Magazine Hungary, out 13th September with a record number of coupons.
Come and spend a long weekend in the name of Fall shopping between 12. and 15. October!
Get your unique Fall wardrobe at  SZputnyik shop, during this year's Glamour-days and save some money on them! Either it's a piece you have been longing for quite a while, or a new found love, you don't have to hold back now! Get your coupon and the online coupon code attached to the October issue of Glamour Magazine!
* The dicount is not valid for Fjallraven products and cannot be combined with any other promotion.*