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Valentine's Day with Romantic Hits

Are you a Bullet for My Valentine or a Be My Valentine typeWhether you love Valentine's Day and love or not, the following sets are for you. Because you can always personalise the holiday in your own way, however you feel most comfortable. You can celebrate love, singleness, friends, and above all, celebrate that being different is great. Because all love matters! And all love is equal! We bring you some inspiring music to give you a little inspiration for your Valentine's Day sets and gifts, however you approach the celebration of love.

The Beatles: Something

One of the most romantic rock songs of all time, written by George Harrison for his love Patti Boyd. Composed in September 1968 on piano, it was a very easy compositional process (Patti Boyd must be a Muse). It takes its title from the first line, which begins 'Something in the Way She Moves'. The song has also had quite a career in its afterlife, being the second most covered song by The Beatles after Yesterday. It also shows that people were addicted to love and happy romances even in the 60s and 70s. It's no different today. But if you're more nostalgic for the 60s and want to evoke a John Lennon-esque world, then the following set is for you. It's got a bit of the old, a bit of the new, and with a bit of piquant deception, it even has love lurking in it. Not to mention a little Woodstock hippie style.

Bullet for My Valentine: Your betrayal

Do you hate romance and Valentine's Day? Then this break-up metal song (and band) is for you. It's about betrayal, infidelity, relationship problems, so you can easily celebrate this year's anti-Valentine's Day by listening to this song. It features four powerful men who do their best to showcase, through metalcore riffs, what it takes to break up and counteract Valentine's Day in an Iron Maiden sound. We now offer you some stylistically appropriate sets to complete the picture and maximise your anti-celebration. Because you don't have to stand in line and do what everyone else is doing. Break out of the expectations!

Whitney Houston: I will always love you

With a big change, let's move on to a classic romantic. 'I will always love you'. This film, which ended in a great reunion, toured the world as the theme song to 'The  bodyguard' and touched the hearts of lovers. The film depicts a surprising and unexpected love story in which the main character, Whitney Houston herself, falls in love with her bodyguard. If you love this 1992 classic and long for (or have already found) that kind of love, then celebrate with this track from the early 90s sets. Especially if you had a thing for the always well-dressed and charming Kevin Costner. We present you one such set, which thanks to the vintage outfits, perfectly brings you the sexy and chic bodyguard style of the 90s.

Girl in Red: I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend

It's also a day to celebrate LGBTQ love and how great it is to be different and accepting of each other. Marie Ulven, also known as Girl in Red, quickly embedded herself in a strange cultural norm. The phrase "do you listen to Girl in Red" has become accepted internet code for asking women if they are interested in the female gender. Songs like "I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend" illustrates where the phrase has become so prevalent. In this pop single, Ulven focuses on a girl named Hannah and sings to her, "I don't wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your lips. // I wanna kiss you until I loose my breathe." And that's where the phrase came from, which makes it very easy for same-sex couples to get to know each other. If you like Girl in Red, here's a little idea of what to wear on Valentine's Day and how to show who you really are.

Oasis: Wonderwall // Céline Dion: My heart will go on (Titanic)

Both songs were big hits of the 90s. Both feature English lovers singing to their lovers. The only difference is that while in one case they are confronted by the love of their lives on a dirty English street, in the other they are confronted with an iceberg that will be the watershed in their relationship.
While Oasis is a more scratchy, rough, grimy British industrial town love, Céline Dion evokes the life of a couple partying on a first-class boat, which ultimately ends tragically. Both songs are cultic love songs that have burned themselves into people's consciousness, and we're willingly or unwillingly blowing the lyrics by heart. If you're looking for a truly deep, sentimental, almost drool-worthy celebration of your love, choose these songs and our matching romantic sets.

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