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Christmas shopping on a budget

Christmas shopping can be exhausting both mentally and physically, not to mention the financal obstacles one can encounter when listening to their heart instead of their brain. 
We know that you cannot put a price on love, and that is not our goal here either, we just want to show you how a well-organised shopping list can ensure that all your loved ones get a meaningful and personal present for Christmas. 
All in all, if you want to be prepared, want to plan ahead, or you have a tight budget read our gift guide where we divided products into categories based on their prices. 
(1 Euro is approximately 315 HUF)

1. Gifts under 1 500 HUF 

Secret Santa is a crucial and often feared aspect of Christmas. Getting a present for a randomly selected colleague or classmate is hard enough let alone doing so on a fix budget while we are struggling to get all the presents for our family and friends. You can buy the perfect gift for all at Szputnyik shop! 

Choose a sophisticated piece of jewelry (earrings and rings from 990 HUF, funny patches for 990 HUF, or pins between 350 and 500 HUF) and giva a unique and special gift inside the 1500 HUF budget. 

Some of our earrings from our online selection (990 HUF):

Unique patches that cannot be found anywehere else (990 HUF/ piece):

Cute notebooks (From 990 HUF):

Order your gifts online!

2. Gifts between 1 500 and 5 000 HUF 

You don't have to reach deep into your wallet if you would like the gift to be practical in addition to being nice and elegant. Our quality leather gloves and warm, knitted, unisex hats can be yours under 5 000 HUF, moreover this funny cat-shaped wallet costs only 3 990 HUF.

Animals, symbols, anything you can wish for in form of a copper necklace (1 490 HUF):

Unique, unisex watches in many colors and designs ( From 3 990 HUF): 

Printed casual tops for women (3 490 HUF):

Find these products and many more at our stores or online where there are nearly 500 products available in this price range:

3. Gifts between 5 000 and 10 000 HUF

You have countless option if you set this budget, too! Hundresd of products await you at our stores and online:

Men's t-shirts with special prints(5 990 HUF):

Skirts with daring patterns or classic, romantic prints (from 5 990 HUF):

Pullovers with geometric, band, funny and many more designs (from 6 990 HUF):

Either you are looking for women's, men's or unisex clothing, shoes, accessories, basic or signature pieces, new, limited-edition or selected, quality vintage from the past we are waiting for you! 

4. Gifts over 10 000 HUF 

The most special vintage pieces, world famous brands from the past and present, quality and lasting backpacks. You can find these real specialities among many others in this range:

Fjallraven backpacks with design from the past and  a message from the future (from 25 990 HUF):

Toms shoes with the most unique design and a helpful policy (From 11 990):

Our colorful and spacious statement backpacks (from 9 990 HUF):

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