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Vintage, band, movie - one thing is common: Szputnyik T-shirt!

Just because the chilly weather has arrived doesn't mean you have to focus on a coat, sweater and scarf. Feel free to exercise your creativity when it comes to t-shirts. Whether it's a well-chosen vintage piece or a cool band or movie imprint. You're sure to find what you're looking for in our ever-expanding collection. 

Band Tees:

Throw on a logo of your favourite band or a photo of its members and you'll have a better day!

We have already written about the band t-shirts here, if you are interested in more details click here!

Band T-shirt - Kurt Cobain

Price: 5.990 Ft

Banda pólók

Band T-shirt - Green Day

Price: 5.990 Ft

Banda póló

T-shirts with famous movie characters, cult films and cool designs:
You can now wear your favourite movies with our T-shirts with printed designs. Whether it's Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting or Titanic.

Movie T-shirt - Mars Attacks

Price: 5.990 Ft

Banda pólók

Movie T-shirt - Mars Attacks - In a full set

Price: 5.990 Ft

Banda pólós szett

Movie T-shirt - Pulp Fiction

Price: 5.990 Ft

Filmes pólók

T-shirts with patterns, bugs, birds, musicians.

Equally 5.990 Ft

Mintás pólók

Vintage T-shirts

You can also choose from our hand-picked, branded vintage pieces.

Price: between 2.990 - 5.990 Ft.

Vintage pólók

Vintage pólók

Vintage pólók blog

Sets for everyday, cool weather:
Get inspired by our sets and express your creativity in clothes. And of course, always be yourself!

Streetwear vintage póló

Vintage póló streetwear

Vintage streetwear

Come and visit us! Because it doesn't matter what the bottom layer is, you'll have to buy a sweater and a jacket to wear it! You can have a look on the Webshop and in the shop!