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Looking back - The best Christmas blogs of recent years

And now let's get a little nostalgic. We've rounded up some of the best Christmas blogs from the past few years that are inspiring, imaginative and can get you inspired to start the year. Have a look and let's recap the past years together. There's a lot that's happened here over the years: photo shoots with Anna Pásztor, Barbi Schocblocher, ugly-ass decorations, slowing down in the spirit of Hygge, sustainable recommendations, and much more. Join us next Christmas to make the holidays more beautiful together!

Christmas burlesque

Every family is different. Traditions, customs and modern insights all come together in the run-up to the festive season. But the essence is always the values and meaning behind the time spent together, ultimately bound together by love. This year, the Sputnik shop will not leave its enthusiastic followers unsurprised. They have prepared exciting fashion material for the holidays to once again demonstrate their amazing willingness to innovate.

Karácsonyi burleszk

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A stress-free Christmas in the spirit of Hygge

The Christmas season is approaching, with the rushing, scrambling and fidgeting for presents. Every year, we resolve to start shopping early, not leave it to the last minute, and then stand in front of the shelves of shops, in utter despair. We think you've all experienced it and this year we'd like to offer an alternative, because this festive season shouldn't be about that, it should be about a cosy, homely, family atmosphere. This is the feeling of being alive, which is encapsulated in the Danish term hygge, which is not worth translating, because you have to feel it!

Stresszmentes Karácsony a Hygge szellemében

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6+1 vintage tips to make your Christmas eco-friendly!

You can do good not only for your loved ones this Christmas, but also for our planet by not buying mass-produced goods made through polluting processes, but by putting unique, meaningful, quality surprises under the tree. In this respect, all Sputnik products are the perfect gift, but for those who want to make the most conscious choice possible and reduce not only their own ecological footprint but also that of the person they are giving the gift to, our vintage clothing specialities are the answer!

6+1 vintage tipp, hogy környezettudatos legyen a karácsonyod!

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Get creative and transform your Christmas baubles!

The key word is obvious: transform! One of the key features of sustainable fashion is not throwing away our worn-out pieces, but using our creativity and the excitement of Christmas to recreate them. A few simple ideas are all it takes to transform. Use your unused Christmas decorations and ornaments to create an exciting new outfit.
Légy kreatív és alakítsd át a karácsonyi csúnyapulcsid!

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How to have a sustainable and environmentally conscious festive season!

We all have a tendency to overdo it during the celebration of love, when it is very difficult to express in gifts what is most important to us. We would like to offer a little help to those who want to remain environmentally conscious this season and, as well as giving gifts to loved ones, are also trying to protect our Earth.

Így lehet fenntartható és környezettudatos az ünnepi időszak!

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Here's the big Christmas ugly sweater horoscope!

In a break with tradition, we're taking a completely new approach to this year's ugly Christmas card. We've brought you some of the pieces from the collection that fit the 12 signs of the zodiac. Choose the one that suits you and look forward to a balanced holiday season!

Itt a nagy karácsonyi csúnyapulcsi horoszkóp!

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Join us again next year and let's make the holidays more colourful together next year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our customers! We'll see you next year, and hopefully we'll be able to decorate many people's wardrobes and inspire you to be unique!