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Eco-chic - Werk Akadémia X Szputnyik shop

ökosikk jótékonysági

In December 2013 Werk Academy organized it's customary charity evening. This time we offered 50 pieces of vintage and retro clothing for stylist students to transform them.

You can place your bids on the creations, so the income can be offered for Grund social garden to purchase plants for the spring planting.

This years central topic is recycling and enviremental friendly thinking. With this in perspective the purpuse is to support a so-called social garden : the Grund. Social gardens spread across Budapest since 2011. In the past two years six were opened, and there is still opportunity for more.One of their aims is to teach BP children that vegies are not grown on foiled polythene trays.

The end of the auction will be celebrated with a public event on 17th December at Grund (VIII. Nagytemplom u. 30),where the band Belmondo and Easy Dinamics impro theater will be performing.