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Nagy karácsonyi csúnyapulcsi AKCIÓ!

The big Christmas ugly sweater SALE!

Sale Ugly Sweater News Christmas Fall/Winter Vintage

You should not end to the Christmas vibes so keep this amazing mood as long as you can with our super Christmas ugly sweaters that are on sale now!

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Így hordják kedvenc Instagramosaink a csúnyapulcsikat!

This is how you rock the Christmas uglysweaters!

Ugly Sweater Projects Christmas Fall/Winter Vintage

In November and December a lot of Instagram influencer have visited us to get the perfect Christmas uglysweater.

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A NAGY karácsonyi csúnyapulcsi ajánló

The BIG Christmas sweater teaser!

Ugly Sweater Fashion Christmas Fall/Winter Style Tips Vintage

We are so proud of our Christmas campaign's best ugly sweaters that are only available on the webshop but in shops we also offer you hundreds of real treasures. Now we show you a little teaser to help you to prepare to the holidays.

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Black Weekend Ajándéktippek  - Készülj fel a karácsonyra!

Black Weekend Gift Guide: Prepare to Christmas!

Sale Black Friday Ugly Sweater Fashion Style Tips Vintage

The Black Friday has started also in Szputnyik shop but not only on Friday but from Thursday until Sunday when you can get every items with 20% discount online!

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Merry KITSCHMAS! -Viseld a legcsúnyább csúnyapulcsid!

Merry KITSCHMAS!- Wear the ugliest ugly sweaters!

Ugly Sweater Fashion Christmas Fall/Winter Style Tips Vintage

We have been saying for years now, that you shouldn’t take life too seriously. It’s especially true around Christmas, the holiday that should be about happiness and unconditional love! Why couldn’t you wear a shocking, funny or „beautifully ugly” jumper that either matches you personality or don’t?

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Csúnya pulcsik, boldog ünnepek!

May your sweaters be ugly!

Ugly Sweater Fashion Photoshoots Christmas Fall/Winter

It's become a tradition at Szputnyik shop that we dedicate our Christmas editorial to Christmas Ugly Sweaters to show you how diversity and playfulness can make your Holiday special. Our vintage Christmas Ugly Sweater selection has hundreds of different designs.

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A csúnya az új fekete - Csúnyapulcsi ajánló 2016

Ugly is the new black - 2016 Uglysweater guide

Ugly Sweater Fashion Photoshoots Christmas Fall/Winter

Wear whatever you want! From a fluffy reindeer, through a sequinned Santa, to you favorite Christmas quote. The Holiday is only complete if you are surrounded by the people who love and accept you.

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Dresscode: Csúnyapulcsi!

Dresscode: Ugly Sweater!

Ugly Sweater Fashion Photoshoots Christmas Fall/Winter

Everyone has to wear their most Christmasy, ugliest sweaters they own during the International Ugly Sweater Day! Whether it is an old gift from grandma, or the result of a long vintage treasure hunt, you have to wear it!

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A Szputnyik legújabb "csúnyapulcsi" ajánlója

The newest ugly sweater collection by Szputnyik shop

Ugly Sweater Fashion Christmas Style Tips

The International Ugly Sweater Day is a tradition at Szputnyik shop as well. That's good because you have an excuse to wear the uglyest sweaters the world had ever seen for a whole day!

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