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RTL Klub Reggeli - A főszerepben a csúnyapulcsik

RTL Klub Reggeli- Starring the ugly sweaters

Ugly Sweater Christmas Fall/Winter Press

Our special Christmas ugly meetings, which appeared on Hungarian celebrities in an unusual, but even more fun and entertaining environment, also starred in RTL Klub's Reggeli.

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TV2 - "Megőrülnek a karácsonyi pulcsikért!"

TV2 - "They're going crazy for Christmas sweaters!"

Ugly Sweater Christmas Press tv2

"Ugly hoodie in December? Almost everyone has seen a kitschy Christmas sweater like this that exploded like a comet ten years ago. It's not so bad to wear it that ugly Christmas sweaters already have their own holiday. of these pieces, there are those who have 30 pieces hanging in their closets. But what made them so popular and why only in December. " TV2 sought answers to these questions from us in December 2020, and we were proud to show them our collection of hundreds of pieces, making countless corporate parties and family Christmas memorable year after year.

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RTL Klub - "Karácsonykor minél csillogóbb és csúnyább egy pulcsi, annál jobb"

RTL Klub - "The brighter and uglier a sweater is at Christmas, the better"

Ugly Sweater Christmas Press rtl

"The fashion at the end of the year is funny, ugly, glittery and a lot. We can even put on a fireplace. Really. A giant squirrel, a skiing flamingo or a sweater depicting a gigantic baby penguin can be put under the Christmas tree smoothly. even better." The team of RTL Klub Fókusz and Éjjel-Nappal Budapest visited us to learn about the magic of ugly sweaters in our shop. Countless super pieces were tried and unconscious sets put together by Lali.

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Hogy legyen környezettudatos a karácsonyod? Mutatjuk!

Hogy legyen környezettudatos a karácsonyod? Mutatjuk!

Ugly Sweater Fashion Felvarró Fenntartható Divat Fjallraven Kanken Christmas Kitűző Many Mornings Martens Fall/Winter Style Tips

A karácsonyi időszakban is fontosnak tartjuk felhívni a figyelmet a túlköltekezésre, a pazarlásra és a felesleges hulladékgyártásra, ezért készültünk nektek egy rövid útmutatóval, hogy hogyan tehetnétek a karácsonyi bevásárlást és készülődést környezetbarátabbá és tudatosabbá. 

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Karácsonyi ajándékötletek - mindenkinek!

Thematic Xmas Guide for Everyone!

Ugly Sweater Fashion Fenntartható Divat Fjallraven Christmas Fall/Winter Style Tips

Christmas gift ideas for everyone: young and old, women and men, colleagues or picky teenagers ... We have gift ideas for everyone! 

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A varázslatos karácsonyi kollekció már az üzletben!

The magical Christmas collection is already in the store!

Ugly Sweater Fashion Fenntartható Divat Christmas Fall/Winter Style Tips Vintage

If you are looking for a real treasure or want to make Christmas Eve unforgettable, you can be sure that you will find the perfect surprise with us! Soft, Christmas socks, elegant and comfortable festive clothes, Christmas souvenirs and accessories are all waiting for you!

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Early Bird Csúnyapulcsi AKCIÓ! ~ Már csak 97 nap karácsonyig!

Early Bird Sweater Sale! ~ It's only 97 days until Christmas!

Sale Ugly Sweater Fashion Fenntartható Divat Style Tips

You can get the gems of our legendary Christmas ugly hoodie collection now, within the framework of our early bird sale, with a 20% discount from September 18 on our webshop!

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Itt a nagy karácsonyi csúnyapulcsi horoszkóp!

The big Christmas Ugly Sweater Horoscope!

Sale Ugly Sweater Fashion Christmas Fall/Winter Style Tips Vintage

We break the traditions and now we introduce you a new way to find your perfect Christmas ugly sweater!

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Info Pont - 2019 December

Info Pont - 2019 December

Ugly Sweater Christmas Fall/Winter Press Vintage

You can find us in Info Pont magazine where we introduced as one of the obligatory place to visit in Budapest. Thank you!

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Karácsonyi ajándékkalauz- az apróságoktól egészen a a világmárkákig!

Christmas Gift Guide - from accessories until global brands!

Ugly Sweater Fashion Christmas Fall/Winter Style Tips Vintage

We show you a few price categories what you can buy in Szputnyik shops according to your purses.

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