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Újra Native bakancsok a Szputnyik shopban!

Native boots are in the Szputnyik shop again!

Fashion Projects Native Shoes Fall/Winter New Arrivals

One of our old friend has returned in the winter season to the shop and webshop! This is the Native with its beautiful boots to show you a whole new dimension!

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Készülj az ünnepekre új, limitált szoknya kollekciónkkal!

Prepare to the holidays with our new limited edition skirt collection!

Fashion Christmas Fall/Winter Style Tips New Arrivals

You cannot miss the pretty pieces from the wardrobe in the winter because December is full of holidays when you have to be on the top. Prepare to Christmas and to the New Year's Eve with our new skirt collection!

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Télen is stílusosan - Új culottes nadrágok már a Szputnyikban!

Winter culottes are already in stores now!

Fashion Fall/Winter Style Tips New Arrivals

You do not have to say goodbye to the stlyish appearence even in the winter cold because our super culottes are here! Choose from the tons of styles and shades to make your Christmas and New Year's Eve party dress complete!

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A NAGY karácsonyi csúnyapulcsi ajánló

The BIG Christmas sweater teaser!

Ugly Sweater Fashion Christmas Fall/Winter Style Tips Vintage

We are so proud of our Christmas campaign's best ugly sweaters that are only available on the webshop but in shops we also offer you hundreds of real treasures. Now we show you a little teaser to help you to prepare to the holidays.

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Az új őszi / téli zokni kollekció már a boltokban!

The newest AW socks collection is in store now!

Fashion Fall/Winter Style Tips New Arrivals Zokni

In the last few years, one of the main trend is the funny, printed socks that able to make any full black outfit gorgeous. Extreme colors and patterns are waiting just for you to bring a little happiness into the grizzle of winter.

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Black Weekend Ajándéktippek  - Készülj fel a karácsonyra!

Black Weekend Gift Guide: Prepare to Christmas!

Sale Black Friday Ugly Sweater Fashion Style Tips Vintage

The Black Friday has started also in Szputnyik shop but not only on Friday but from Thursday until Sunday when you can get every items with 20% discount online!

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Segítünk, hogy ruhatárad is vegán lehessen!

Here is the guide to a vegan closet!

Fashion Martens Fall/Winter Style Tips Vintage

In November we celebrate the World Vegan Month when the activists are trying to give attention to the danger that menace the Earth and its wildlife. You don't have to forget about the stylish dressing because you can find many alternativ way to dress up following the winters trends. We show you a few tips!

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Merry KITSCHMAS! -Viseld a legcsúnyább csúnyapulcsid!

Merry KITSCHMAS!- Wear the ugliest ugly sweaters!

Ugly Sweater Fashion Christmas Fall/Winter Style Tips Vintage

We have been saying for years now, that you shouldn’t take life too seriously. It’s especially true around Christmas, the holiday that should be about happiness and unconditional love! Why couldn’t you wear a shocking, funny or „beautifully ugly” jumper that either matches you personality or don’t?

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Így viseld a Fjallraven Kanken táskáit!

This is how you should wear your Kanken!

Fashion Fjallraven Kanken Fall/Winter Style Tips Vintage

The Fjallraven Kanken backpack conquered not only our hearts but they became very popular all over the world. Celebrating the swedish miracle backpack we prepared to you with some outfits that are inspired by the beautiful shades of Kankens.

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Újdonság! Brazil Boaonda bakancsok a Szputnyikban!

New! Brazilian Boaonda boots in Szputnyik shops!

Cherry Fashion Fall/Winter New Arrivals

In this season, our repertoire is expanded with a new global brand, and this is the Brazilian Boaonda® Cherry. The exotic brand offers exciting designs and unusual styles and materials.

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