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A tavasz hírnöke: itt az új TOMS kollekció!

The forerunner of Spring: the new TOMS collection!

Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer Toms Shoes

The first forerunner of spring has arrived to Szputnyik shop with the new collection of TOMS!

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Online Exkluzív: Amiket csak a webshopunkon érsz el!

Online Exclusive: Available only on our webshop!

Cherry Fashion Frida Fall/Winter Style Tips Toms Shoes Vintage

Our webshop is full with exciting treasures too! We show you some exclusive collection that are available only from our online store! Follow the independent and sustainable lifestyle!

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Kezdd az Indián Nyarat szuper CIPŐAKCIÓNKKAL!

Start the Indian Summer with our footwear SALE!

Sale Shoes Fashion Paez Shoes Toms Shoes

Maybe the most difficult thing is to dress up for the changing weather. The cool mornings and the sunny afternoons can cause a little headache when it comes to your wardrobe: what kind of shoes should i wear today? Should I leave the lovely pastel colors behind after summer is gone? The answer lies in our super Paez, Toms and Amazonas collection that you can buy now with huge discounts!

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Itt az új TOMS tavaszi/nyári kollekció!

The new TOMS spring/summer collection has arrived!

Fashion Projects News Spring/Summer Toms Shoes

The footwear brand that has the most original and ethical business modell, TOMS has returned to Szputnyik shop with their newest spring/summer shoe collection! Browse the new collection at our stores or onlie! Help someone in need with getting a pair of shoes for the upcoming warmer months!

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TOMS - a teljes őszi/téli kollekció

TOMS - the full autumn/winter collection

Shoes Fashion News Toms Shoes

TOMS shoes are already available at Szputnyik shop! If you have seen them but still cannot choose your favorite, if you haven't seen them yet and you are eager to get to know the autumn/winter collection, or if you just prefer to do your shopping and window shopping online then read on!

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TOMS őszi/téli kollekció a Szputnyik shopban!

TOMS - the full autumn/winter collection

Events News Toms Shoes

TOMS shoes return to Szputnyik shop with a brand new fall/winter collection!

The fall/winter collection contains many exciting, new designs that were created in accordance with the challenges of the upcoming unpredictable and chilly weather.

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Vesd bele magad a TOMS cipők világába!

Join the world of TOMS shoes!

Shoes Fashion News Toms Shoes

Lately, we've introduced you TOMS, the brand that wishes to make a change through unique footwear, and the brand that has a month-long Pop-up Store in Szputnyik K22. The time has come for us to show you what is it exactly that this Pop-up store has to offer.

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TOMS Pop-up a Szputnyik K22-ben!

TOMS Pop-up in Szputnyik K22

Shoes Projects Events News Toms Shoes

What if buying a new pair of shoes would make you, and someone in need happy at the same time? With the One for One policy of TOMS, whenever you purchase a pair of original TOMS shoes a child in need is given a pair as well.

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