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Boldog születésnapot! 7 éves a Szputnyik!

Szputnyik7 - Birthday retrospect

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As a celebration of our birthday, we will have two weeks of events and promotions between 7. and 20. November. Follow us for details on Facebook and Instagram, and keep checking our blog and website.


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Szputnyik Pop-up nyílik Budapesten!

Szputnyik Pop-up store opens in Budapest!

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It's time for you to meet Szputnyik shop Pop-Up, where you can find your favorite Szputnyik products! For the Szputnyik experienece, the best new limited designer pieces, unique quality vintage finds, the best festival clothes and our newest fashion collaboration visit Szputnyik Pop-Up on the bank of the Danube.

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Kiárusítás Szombathelyen! 30-50% kedvezmény mindenre!

Moving sale in Szombathely! 30-50% off all products!

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We would like to celebrate the event of losing one beloved space and opening a brand new venue with a super sale! Shop at our store in 4. Kossuth Lajos utca, Szombathely with guaranteed 30% off, or for even 50% less between 20-30. April, 2016.

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A Nyitva! Fesztivál keretein belül ismét megnyílt a legelső Szputnyik shop!

The first ever Szputnyik store reopens as a part of Open! Festival!

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The venue at Bakáts square had been the home of the very first Szputnyik shop for long and thanks to Open! Festival it will come alive once again for a month this spring.

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Ünnepi Nyitva Tartás 2015

Holiday Opening Hours 2015

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Don't worry we are open in between and during the Holidays as well! Browse our opening hours, so you won't get surprised, and don'f forget about our forever open online store either!

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Szputnyik is found on Király Street as well, so now we have another place to go when looking for high-waisted jeans or Woodstock-inspired sunglasses.

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Bemutatjuk: Szputnyik shop K22

Introducing: Szputnyik shop K22

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Szputnyik family's newest addition, Szputnyik K-22 has just arrived! Don't worry, if you haven't visited it during its opening weekend, now we will show you what you can find in 22 Király street!

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Egy kis werk a "legpestibb" utcából

A sneak peek into the most Budapest-like street

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We've just revealed our biggest news at the moment, that our store at Bakáts square is moving to the heart of the city, Király street. We will now introduce that iconic location to you, and show you how Szputnyik crew is preparing for the grand opening on thursday.

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Megnyílt az új Szputnyik birodalom a belváros szívében

New Szputnyik empire opened in the heart of the city

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Szputnyik shop has moved from their 130 square meters venue to a nearly 300 square meters location. Szputnyik D20 will undoubtedly be part of the Budapest feeling reflecting everything a stylish and daring 21. century person might need- regardless their age.

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Szputnyik shop nyílik Szombathelyen

Szputnyik shop opens in Szombathely

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We are pleased to announce the opening of our 3rd store!The lovely boutique is located in the heart of Szombathely. Check out the pictures below and do not miss to come by if you are around.

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